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The very best way to fix those soft decks!

Fix those soft decks in one day!

  • World Racing Champion, Leon Lance

    "I repaired my J24, it worked out so well, I sell & rep the product and injectadeck sponsers us"

  • John Satazahn, Seattle WA

    "I installed it my Twin diesel trawler transom, a lot of water came out and I passed the moisture survey"

  • Mike H. L3 Eng, Crestview FL

    "I ordered my injectadeck kit on 10/2 and it came fast, 3 days"

  • Jim Stubbs, Tampa FL

    "45' Silverton rotted gunnels, I used a 2" clear plastic tube on the and run in the gunnels, for my injections, Survey passed!


Questions? Reach out to us in an email, or call us. VP of Sales, Jodi Meserve: 570-498-4850. Tech Support: 1-727-768-7509, we're here to help.


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