Large Boat Kit – 03900009981IAD


Kit includes; 6 cartridges, 6 collars, 12 mixing tips and the application gun with safety equipment. i.e. goggles and gloves.



Large Boat Kit

This kit was designed for large boats or Marinas and Marine Services and will repair up to 30 sq ft of 1″ deck.

Kit includes: 6 cartridges, 6 collars, 12 mixing tips and the application gun with goggles and a few pairs of gloves. Open package as soon as it arrives, keep cartridges cool and upright.

This product replaces the void left behind from rotted core decks, hatches and gunwales with a polyurethane structural foam. Also used as a structural flotation foam, backing up fiberglass hulls with incredible strength and making your vessel unsinkable.

THIS PRODUCT IS ATTRACTED TO WATER, GETTING IT IN YOUR EYES COULD BLIND YOU. Injectadeck wants you to work safely so we included safety glasses and gloves with complete MSDS, read it! There are NO RETURNS, if there is a defect we will gladly replace if complete photos are taken of the defect with full cartridges. Cartridges may weep in their bags from temperature changes, you can use it anyway.  Load it with gloves on, you may or may not clean the cartridge. Shoot a line of product on cardboard first, then inject.

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 8 in


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