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Rotted deck

Injectadeck is a carefully engineered structural marine foam and adhesive that cures hard as wood, quickly and easily repairing soft spots on your boat’s fiberglass deck. Soft deck areas are due to the rot of the underlying core.  Injectadeck saves you from having to rip up your deck and replace it – costing thousands of dollars and weeks or months of time. With Injectadeck your deck can be fixed in a single afternoon – Really!  

Background – Injectadeck was created by an aerospace applications engineer who has relied on various structural foams to provide lightweight solutions for Air, Land and Sea applications.  He needed a solution for his aging boat’s rotted deck and finding that none existed, he set about creating an efficient repair method. Since that humble beginning, many boat owners all over the world have relied on Injectadeck to get more than a few more seasons out of their boat, saving their craft from the dreaded scourge of rotted core material.

The problem – Once a screw has entered a fiberglass sandwich core, moisture will start to seep in, a little at first, but later it pours in.  Gravity and wicking action bring the moisture to the bottom layer of fiberglass. In many boats it forms an entire lake, lowering the vessel’s center of gravity and waterline!  Once saturated, the rotting process starts working up from the bottom and by the time you feel a bad spot? It’s more than halfway through the core and continuing. The water usually finds a way out and takes the core material with it. Most modern boats have foam filled compartments under the deck and when THAT foam shrinks? The boat “lists” or tilts from the water intrusion in the “lattice celled compartments” and the hulls usually crack down the strakes from the lack of foam backing and support.

The Engineering challenge – Since the inception of foam-filled products like boats and surfboards to modern day aircraft applications. The problem with two-part structural foams has been that they expand quickly, powerfully and uncontrollably when mixed and require large holes for “the pour”.   In addition, they cannot address the issue of accumulated moisture, or varying levels of moisture in the deck cavity. Injectadeck is a process, however the more water present, the more expansion. The trade-off is slightly lower density and the gain is waterproofing and sealing any holes. Once cured, Injectadeck is a hard and resilient structural foam (consistency like wood) that can support heavy loads with little or no collapse of the closed-cell waterproof structure.  Expanding six to eight times its volume, it’s a dense foam which you could dent…with a hammer. Most boat decks, particularly older ones, are wet rotted, pulp washed away and perfect candidates for this product. With Injectadeck’s latest formula and process we are able to adapt to all voids wet and dry resulting in a solid deck again. “Its more than a product, its a process”


  • World Racing Champion Leon Lance; “I repaired my J24, it worked out so well, I sell & rep the product and Injectadeck sponsors us” 
  • John Satazahn Seattle WA “I installed it my trawler top bridge, a lot of water came out and I passed the moisture survey”
  • Mike H. L3 Eng, Crestview FL “I ordered my Injectadeck kit on 10/2 and it came fast, 3 days”
  • Jim Stubbs Tampa FL “45′ Silverton rotted gunnels, I used a 2″ clear plastic tube on the and run in the gunnels, for my injections, Survey passed!

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