Product Features

InjectaDeck Product Features

 Injectadeck is not meant for tiny soft spots, it is meant for significant soft sections of decks, even areas that feel like they will break through soon.  Injectadeck has saved decks that actually tear and sound like ripping cloth when you walk on them.  Injectadeck needs only a void or mold to contain it. If the area you plan to repair has a rip in it you can patch the rip first and create the mold.

Overview – the Injectadeck repair:  Drilling a hole at the low point of the 2 ply fiberglass sandwich, or in the rear bilge hatch on the underside of the deck will allow excess water to drain out of your boat’s deck.  Then, on top of the deck you drill holes through the top layer of fiberglass and just the wood (not through the bottom fiberglass layer) and inject the foam down into the void.  Injectadeck will travel along the surface filling the spaces. Once you’ve pumped a shot in, you wait a few min and then can then gently step on the area and shape/distribute the foam if a bulge has developed since it has another 5-minute work time.  After 20 min you can “stomp-shape” it. The foam hardens after 30 min. Gassing stops in 12 hrs. Next step is to fill the deck holes then paint new deck texture on to complete the repair. Done!

Injectadeck can be used two ways:

  1. To “Skim” heavy gauge (filling between the wood and upper layer of fiberglass) or,
  2. “Fill the “UnderVoid”, between the wood and only the lower fiberglass layers (best).  

Note – On the thin fiberglass decks of powerboats “skimming” above the wood is not recommended since it can create bulging.  Injection under the wood, to fill the rotted-out voids is best for restoring the original supportive feel.  Injectadeck is water catalytic and when the process is performed properly with drain holes for displaced water you can often pass a marine survey moisture meter test where it previously failed!


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