About Injectadeck

Rotted deckInjectadeck Is a very carefully engineered marine foam and adhesive All foams are not created equal! Injectaeck is attracted to water and becomes very hard and adhesive when it contacts moisture. It contains an anti bacterial to stop the rot.  Injectadeck wipes out the severe soft spots in a boat deck quickly and efficently by filling the VOID. You do not have to peel up your fiberglass deck and replace it costing thousands of dollars. Injectadeck will rescue your boat sale or classic keeper. It was created by an aerospace applications engineer who has relied on various structural foams to provide lightweight solutions for Air, Land and Sea. Since the inception of foam filled products like boats, surfboards and aviation products. The problem has been that two part foams expand instantaneously and uncontrollably when mixed and require larger holes for "the pour".

Injectadeck alleviates that issue allowing you to mix and inject thru a small hole simultaneously allowing you to fill the space or void. While you will have to work fast filling all your holes so the product does not harden in the mixing tip. The type of foam injected is a hard and resilient structural foam that can support heavy loads with little or no collapse of the closed cell structure. Expanding six times its size it can be classified as a 12lb foam which you could dent....with a hammer. This product is attracted to moist environments, and water helps in adhesion, expansion and curing. Most boat decks are wet rotted and perfect candidates for this product. If you have dry rot when you drill your holes, lightly spray your newly perforated deck down with water and in 30 minutes, inject your deck. The small cavity in the photo would just need a light injection of an ounce or two. Once you pump a shot in, you can step on area and shape the foam. it has a 2 to 5 minute work time.

We don't recommend Injectadeck for use on Transoms. While people seem to like it for that, transoms would be considerd a critical component in the aviation world. Injectadeck does not "soak in" to any solid material it merely fills the void left behind from wet rot bacteria or the breakdown of solids


  • "It works instantly, anywhere it creeps, rock solid"  says Nick, Owner of Service Pro Marine, Clearwater Florida www.servicepromarine.com 
  • "I drilled and probed my transom, alot of water came out, shot the foam in all over and it really worked" Michael from L3, Crestview FL
  • "I ordered my injectadeck kit on 10/2 and it came fast, wow what a difference!" "Great product AAA+" John S, Palm Beach Gardens FL


"Necessity is the mother of invention, We like our 1980 20' Flare CC, its wrapped in in 2" Aluminum rail, T-Top, Dive Deck.  Its not really worth a $3000 deck replacement tho.  I can get a sweet " hull only" to throw my power on for $3k.  So I figured i'd use the knowledge and contacts I developed in my career the last 30 years, design a batch of foam, put it in semco tubes and flip the boat.  Only thing is? It worked out a little two well, so we kept "waterbaby". It was one of those "holy sh*t" moments, after we injected the first deck. Talk about instant gratification"
Chris Harmon (& Family)

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