Injectadeck Product Features

Injectadeck is not meant for tiny stoft spots, its meant for soft sections of decks, even areas that feel like they will break through soon.  Injectadeck has saved decks that actually tear and sound like ripping cloth when you walk on them. Injectadeck needs only a void or mold to contain it and you have lightweight stone. It is used to "Fill The Void" or skim under the lower fiberglass layer between the wood and the fiberglass or upper layer..

  • Injectadeck was created as an alternate solution to expensive wood core boat deck replacement. The first questions asked in any boat sale is; "whats the compression" and “does the deck have any soft spots”? What’s your answer going to be?
  • Injectadeck is very easy to use, it's easier than calking because you dont have to be neat. 
  • Created by an aerospace applications engineer because boat builders said it can’t be done without a custom hopper/mixing system. Two part foams start instantly expanding when mixed therefore require a large hole to “pour” it in with little or no control over expansion. They use hole saws and rotozips, look under your gunnel step, rod holders etc. You can drill a 5/32 0r 3/16 or 1/4 inch holes, 3/8" for underdeck stringers
  • Injectadeck is a two part closed cell polyurethane structural foam that expands 6 times it’s size.  This product starts curing in minutes and turns solid in 20 minutes, Anywhere its applied turns rock hard and in 30 minutes you’re ready to layup your fiberglass plugs or resin into your drill holes. It does not "Soak In" to a solid object it fills voids and turns to stone in a manner of speaking.. Use MARINE RX to plug holes..
  • Injectadeck foam does not collapse or take on water and it takes a hammer to dent it. It comes in a complete kit that covers up to 30 sq ft of 1” thick rotted deck. Kit includes personal protection equipment.
  • The engineered foams have made technological leaps in the last 40 years, the cellular structure doesn’t breakdown and start retaining water like they used to. Manufacturing one that is attracted to the soft, wet, wood pulp in your wood core fiberglass floor is the cutting edge technology you have available today.  No prep, moisture  is a catalyst it also contains an antibacterial agent and a pesticide to stop the rot.
  • Injectadeck requires very little prep, it encapsulates wet wood pulp and expands into every airspace absorbing the air, water and requiring no venting. Don’t bother washing the deck, its not required. That bacteria eaten pulp in your deck will be encapsulated and the void filled.
  • The only prep needed is to drill the 5/32 - 1/4" hole in the center of the soft spot. Is your deck waterlogged? with a #30 or 1/8th drill hole thru the deck if its wet inside. I like to access the bilge in the back and drill a 3/116 hole thru the bottom layer of glass near the rear of the deck.
  • Then run a coat hanger into my topside injection hole, probing leak paths in all directions. Then inject the product per detailed instructions, dont let the liquid come out, 120 seconds its foam you can let off.
  • acetone clean the squeeze out I stand on the spot and shape the foam as soon after I see the deck rise, you can shape it! if I over-inject a spot I bounce on it forcing the bulge underdeck. Shoot the product under the wood or substrate, or over it but use less when skimming.
  • Injectadeck is attracted to moisture which activates its strong adhesive properties. If your deck is truly waterlogged, drill a 1/8” thru hole in the deck allowing the lake to drain. Skipping this step will force excess water out of your drill holes after foam filling, no biggie but its a mess. Then you have to wait to seal the hole shut with Marine RX sandable white epoxy or Resin.
  • Water is not required for expansion, adhesion and curing, moisture merely adds to the adhesion of the foam, its a catalyst to it. The product will creep anywhere water can go, then expand into every tiny space and harden. Its moldable underfoot for 5 minutes or so.
  • Injectadeck has a specialized mixing tip allowing a two part foam to enter thru a small hole. Aviation guys are very familiar with these tips.
  • The mixing tip for Injectadeck is specifically designed for the product to be completely mixed in the last 2 inches of the tip. The size of the hole can be as small as 3/16” and still inject a fully mixed product. Do not set it aside, the tip cures and clogs in minutes! If only half or none of the product comes out, change the tip, dont bend or break your gun. release the trigger lock immediately. Heat and bend the tip for tough spots.
  • If the process is followed closely and the product is not over pressurized into the deck, no bulging will occur. If you have injected too much product into the space and you see the deck rise, step on it fast, you can shape the stuff. If there is any bulging, it will occur under the deck where you cannot see it. Provided you drilled THROUGH the wood and stopped at the lower fiberglass layer to install the product.
  • Injectadeck is perfect to firm up wood core fiberglass hatches. 
  • If you have a spongy hatch simply open the hatch and drill the injection holes in the underside. Probe your holes with a stiff wire coat hanger in all directions. Spray lightly with water if dry rot, a moist environment improves reactivity. Inject all your holes quickly, close the hatch and apply weight on the walking surface.
  • Follow the MSDS and be very careful, get this foam on your thumbnail for example and it can take 2 months to wear off. This is a professional product with warnings all over the label. Dont get it your eyes, mouth, skin or anywhere thats wet! Read your MSDS on your Acetone too!