Boat Floor Replacement

  • Injectadeck Home Kit (Additional tubes $65ea) No singles sold, sry.

    Application Gun and two double cartridges with 3 mixing tips and a collar. Gloves and safety glasses included!! But not shown...

    This product fills soft marine wood core flooring with a polyurethane structural foam. Injectadeck is the only real option to expensive marine flooring replacement.  Although engineered foams can cost hundreds of dollars per pint, the real cost is in the delivery system. This foam will expand, harden and does not compress, you will have a firm deck you can trust. As compared to redecking a boat, the price of this product is minimal. 

    THIS PRODUCT IS ATTRACTED TO WATER, GETTING IT IN YOUR EYES COULD BLIND YOU. Injectadeck wants you to work safely so we included safety glasses and gloves with complete MSDS, read it NO RETURNS if theres a defect, we replace it.