Franchise Kit 12 applications

4.25 5 4 Product
$373.84 each Weight: 15 lb
Width: 8 in
Length: 20 in
Height: 8 in


This kit was designed for Marinas and Marine Services companies who perfom the Injectadeck Process for boat owners. We all want to get rid of that annoying soft spot and injectadeck is "instant gratification" for all. This kit will give up to 12 shots of foam, enough to do 8 sq ft of deck @ $100+ a shot

Kit includes; 6 cartridges, 6 collars, 12 mixing tips and the application gun. (photo does not represent total order)

I charge $130 to take a couple sq ft of soft spot out of your deck (1/2 a cartridge) and plug the holes. So, if your a boat seller, a detailer, a mechanic, a broker or just see alot of used boats, forget the $8000 to $25,000 redecking. This is a long lasting, lightweight solution and im not saying in 3 or 4 years you wont have to hit new spots, we did.  It took 3 years and used 1/4 tube in 2 areas. Consider this a franchise that didnt cost you a penny to buy in, just the product you use. NO RETURNS, if there is a defect we will replace it.